Canada Day Heat Wave and a Defunct Fridge

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July 24, 2018

Gananoque is truly a Canadian version of Stars Hollow on the water. I was half expecting to see Luke’s Diner when we walked into town but instead found Rib Fest in full swing. Seems that the entire town takes part in the Canada Day weekend Rib Fest-ivities. One of the local churches had (what I’m assuming was) a weekend long bake-sale which I swear was on the schedule as Pies for Christ.  (There was a Cookies for Christ on the schedule too… just so the cookies I’m sure didn’t feel relegated to unlofty heights.). Pie eating contests were held, an outdoor booth from some Ontario wildlife organization was extolling the virtues of turtles, fire trucks were out with lights flashing for the kids (I’m assuming it was for the kids), and of course there was live music, and food: ribs, pork, chicken, lemonade, potato tornados, beer, ice cream and beavertails. All your major food groups.

We arrived as The Hallions began to play: a tight and talented Celtic rock band that are releasing their first EP soon. (I get nothing for this plug fyi – they are just really good).

The heat was intense and I already had gotten a sunburn from the trip over from Kingston (I’ll have to be far more liberal with sunscreen in the future) so we didn’t last too long at Rib Fest. Evenings are usually beautiful on the boat but one thing about being in rural Ontario in the summer is the absolute staggering amount of mosquitoes. And they all apparently see me as dinner. So once the sun went into hiding, so did I.

You know you’re in tune with your home when NOT hearing a sound causes you to wake up.  John was up at 2am-ish when it was too quiet.  The fridge compressor was not droning on schedule.  He attempted to fix it to no avail and then went back to bed.  At 6am he was up again, using our limited wifi connection to look up solutions.  Unfortunately no solutions were to be had; it seemed like the control module had failed… and of course it was a Saturday on a long weekend.  John shot off an email asking for assistance to the company, knowing full well that we wouldn’t have a response for days, and he went in search of ice blocks.

Heaven knows we couldn’t go a week without something breaking.

But Gananoque was picturesque, the sun shone, it was a holiday weekend, and our friend Shane was making the drive up from Kitchener to visit.  The fridge wasn’t important.

Shane and John tooled around the nearby islands in our dinghy, complete with our turtle-power outboard.

It was a chill weekend in the midst of a heat wave, and one best spent with friends.  We didn’t roam too far from the boat, other than a walk over to the public beach for a very cold but much needed plunge into the water. The heat was quite stifling though the cabin thankfully remained temperate. There was much food and drink, Canadian cover tunes wafted over the water from the free concert in the park, and we braved an intensely mosquito riddled, small-town firework display from our dock.  And then our weekend was at a close. Shane reluctantly head off early Monday morning for the four-ish hour drive back home, and we departed for a short day motor to Brockville shortly afterward.




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