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December 27, 2018

September 20th :: Day 88

Had a wonderful day today with Colleen and Paul: our lovely new friends that own the fabulous vessel Blue Eden. (we had the pleasure meeting Paul when we were in Gaspé and met his wonderful wife Colleen a few days ago when they invited us down to the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron to have a drink on their boat) We also had the pleasure of meeting and spending the day with their son Ben and his charming girlfriend Shannon. Colleen and Shannon were kind enough to pick me up for a bit of grocery shopping so I could help prepare something for lunch on board (I made my favourite greek peasant salad) and John and I donated a case of Corona to the cause.  We departed their marina with delectable bloody Caesars in hand and Ben took the helm to sail (and motor) us through Halifax harbour. I remembered to bring my “good camera” instead of just my iPhone, and happily captured the day.  We saw seals and harbour porpoises, learned what a “hooer” was (thanks Ben!), chased after the Bluenose II who was out for her scheduled afternoon sail, grooved along to Paul’s incredible playlist of 70’s music nostalgia – well, I grooved, John mostly winced, but we had a wonderful day with fabulous people. An enormous thanks to all of them for being such wonderful hosts.

We truly hope to meet up again!



Michelle Kauntz
Wild Blue Yonder

Seems you've found us. I'm one half of the charming and somewhat frustrating duo that is John & Michelle. (I'm Michelle) We once had this one-day idea that we wanted to sail around the world. We made a five year plan. After ten years of talking and two years of prepping and postponing, we are finally underway. Feel free to follow us and live vicariously though our pratfalls and adventures as we take our almost-as-old-as-John Bayfield 40 Cutter Ketch out of the safety of Lake Ontario and out into the world. On a shoestring budget. With two fiercely independent people. In basically 300-ish square feet of living space and with not a heck of a lot of sailing experience (yet) ...This is going to be fun...

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