One Hundred Days

Canada Travelling
December 29, 2018

Day 100 – October 2nd.

We are still alive. No one has fallen overboard. We haven’t hit another boat. We haven’t killed each other.

In fact, life is good. Really good.

We left Hamilton on June 25 and have since travelled approx 1560 nautical miles (2890 km) through Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, PEI, and Nova Scotia at an average of 9.1 km/hr (5.3 knots/hr – course over ground). And we did this without really having any idea what the hell we were doing.
Every day is something new. Every day offers a challenge. Some days it’s the boat, other days the weather, the conditions, locations, other people, our relationship, the newness of everything… but no matter what form it takes, the challenge is really with ourselves.

This life is not secure. It is not “safe”, convenient, or comfortable. There have been many days on the boat I’ve freaked out (and am incredibly appreciative of John’s ability to talk me down).
But everyday there is an opportunity to learn, adapt, embrace, contemplate, and find something new to love. Every. Single. Day.

Everyday I choose to be here. Today, our day 100 milestone, I’m still in pyjamas at 6pm because they’re the warmest clothes I own. Today I dealt with discomfort of the cold, damp and rain of October 2nd in Halifax with blanket piles, double socks, and homemade chili. Tomorrow’s challenge will be different, and I have no idea what that will be. And something about that is incredible.

This morning I woke up to the sound of one of the cruise ships (I’m assuming Disney) blasting their horn to the first line of “When You Wish Upon A Star”. How incredibly symbolic. At 100 days in, I can vouch that dreams aren’t easy, they’re not secure, safe, or simple; in fact most of the time they are downright terrifying and incredibly complicated. But I wouldn’t trade everything I’ve seen, loved, and learned in the last 100 days for anything, and there’s so much more to come…


A huge thanks to my wonderful mom for the champagne. We saved all three mini bottles she gave us at our launch to open on the completion of each of our first three 100 day milestones.

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Michelle Kauntz
Wild Blue Yonder

Seems you've found us. I'm one half of the charming and somewhat frustrating duo that is John & Michelle. (I'm Michelle) We once had this one-day idea that we wanted to sail around the world. We made a five year plan. After ten years of talking and two years of prepping and postponing, we are finally underway. Feel free to follow us and live vicariously though our pratfalls and adventures as we take our almost-as-old-as-John Bayfield 40 Cutter Ketch out of the safety of Lake Ontario and out into the world. On a shoestring budget. With two fiercely independent people. In basically 300-ish square feet of living space and with not a heck of a lot of sailing experience (yet) ...This is going to be fun...

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