So the crazy thing is, I don’t actually remember how this whole thing started.  I do recall that shortly after John and I got together a little over a decade ago, that we were invited to crew on a friend’s boat for a racing season or two on Lake Ontario.  We discovered that we both thoroughly enjoyed being on the boat but disliked racing; being yelled at while flinging ourselves from side to side as rail meat didn’t appeal much.  Being given one job – John being a grinder, and I working the pit – didn’t expand our comprehension of the sport, and neither John nor I are competitive, so that, plus the traffic to and from Toronto, basically took us out of the crew.

I also have a vague memory of driving back from one of our weekly races in the car when John mentioned that he’d like to one day just live on a boat and travel the world on it.  Indefinitely.  Then he mentioned a 5 year plan.

This was beyond my comprehension.
How the heck did people do this?
Wouldn’t you have to be independently wealthy?
What about family, friends, careers?
Who was this guy?

I remember saying “I’m not sure I could do that.”  Maybe I only said it in my head.  John had already figured out the fact that though I believed I was a person who was adventurous and open to change, I actually was not.  I was really not good with change.  But he would wait.  He knew I would get used to the idea.

Twelve-ish years later, after 10 years of saving, talking, arguing, (sometimes ignoring), planning and prepping, and then two more years of John working on our now beautiful Bayfield 40 Cutter Ketch while I wound down my wedding photography business, we are off. 

The house has been rented, my pro-photography gear is coming with, we are functioning on a shoestring budget, and I still can’t quite figure out the nuances of how the two of us being fiercely independent people with polar opposite personalities will function well on a 45′ sailboat with basically 300-ish square feet of living space. Plus, I really haven’t sailed in the last 10 years.

But here we are, ready or not.  This is going to be fun.