Bayfield 40 Cutter Ketch - Polar Bear


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In Search of A Polar Bear

June 4, 2018

When a five year plan is no longer a five year plan, it becomes something seriously stuck on the bottom of your shoe. You know the damn thing is there, every time you to take a step you feel it, but you just don’t have the time or energy…

Michelle Kauntz
Wild Blue Yonder

Seems you've found us. I'm one half of the charming and somewhat frustrating duo that is John & Michelle. (I'm Michelle) We once had this one-day idea that we wanted to sail around the world. We made a five year plan. After ten years of talking and two years of prepping and postponing, we are finally underway. Feel free to follow us and live vicariously though our pratfalls and adventures as we take our almost-as-old-as-John Bayfield 40 Cutter Ketch out of the safety of Lake Ontario and out into the world. On a shoestring budget. With two fiercely independent people. In basically 300-ish square feet of living space and with not a heck of a lot of sailing experience (yet) ...This is going to be fun...

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